Intelligex marketing and sales planning provide end-to-end sales process management with accurate forecasting.

From market research through highly efficient sales process design and training, Intelligex works with your team to ensure optimal performance. Our understands the challenges and dynamics of B2B and B2G business development. We bring our clients confidence their launches, refreshes or renewed business development programs bring results:

  • Market research to profile target personae and buying patterns,
  • Benefits-based messaging in all marketing, media relations and sales tools accurately aligned to targets,
  • Both external and internal marketing and media relations are delivered through optimal channels for high impact,
  • Compelling press releases, email blasts and social media to support clients' products, services or programs,
  • Features and benefits are prioritized to the interests of prospects and users, 
  • Data-driven lead generation to ensure improved and accelerated sales,
  • Seamless processes from lead generation through sales and to operations, 
  • Improved accuracy of sales forecasts and timelines.

Intelligex consulting project deliverables arrive on time and on budget. We've never been late or gone over budget. Never.

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