Intelligex helps align executive stakeholders in their understanding of how technology can address their business needs to achieve their desired outcomes. 

It is not uncommon business leaders view technology in radically different ways. CEOs see it as a required component of strategy fulfillment while CFOs understand it in terms of cost and ROI. COOs seek improved utility of technology as tools to optimize the workforce while CIOs are left to try to address unaligned and often unrealistic expectations.

Intelligex offers a facilitation framework that begins with a Technology Alignment Workshop with lead stakeholders, followed by Technology Strategy Workshop for all stakeholders. With a unified technology vision, the enterprise:

   - closes gaps between business and technology to synchronizes strategies,

   - accelerate business transformation through shared goals and action plans,

   - develop a unified strategic roadmap with milestones and progress monitoring.

A clear Technology Strategy achieves maximal ROI on technology investments and satisfies stakeholders with progress.

Our model delivers executives a “heat map” to prioritize initiatives and changes, defining specific actions vital to improvements:

  • Research and analysis for new technologies,
  • Comprehensive life-cycle management on technology assets,
  • Continuous improvement for to help the enterprise improve operational maturity.

Intelligex offers results-oriented, vendor-agnostic options. Our team identifies exactly where you are and plots a course to where you want to be, providing resources along the way as you need them.

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